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I have been teaching writing, English and Literature since I received my MFA in Fiction Writing in 1990. Some of the Universities where I have taught creative writing, composition and literature include Brooklyn College, The College of New Rochelle, Rutgers, City Lit (London), University of Texas, SMU, Oklahoma State, Columbia College Chicago, Loyola, and DePaul University. I was the Metal Works English teacher for Senn (CPS) and taught creative writing, Honors English, Journalism, AP Literature, level 4 English, at Evanston Township High School for 9 years and a long term subbing job at New Trier. 

I have coached, supported, tutored and taught any number of other writers, some adult, some children.My students have included members of a Chicago gang (Latin Kings), refugees from the Bosnian War, Haitian immigrants, African-American middle-aged women returning to get their degrees,very privileged and well-prepared students, ESL students placed in my class despite …

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