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My Writing Professor

I went to Brooklyn College in 1989 to get an MFA the same year my first novel was purchased by
Harper& Row. It was a little awkward because I started an MFA program with a book deal but I was assured I was still welcome.

The two professors, Peter Spielberg and Jonathan Baumbach were in charge of fiction writers. Both of them seemed like a dream come true, a dream I had deferred for a very long time since I was the daughter of a semi-famous literary critic/novelist and was afraid to reveal my writing hopes. I had been out of college for ten years. I was also in recovery from alcoholism, had lost my beloved eldest sister in a horrendous accident and had subsequently started drinking again, got married, beaten up, left my husband and started to rebuild my life in such a depression I told my shrink every week how I planned to commit suicide. But I didn't. I obtained a decent job in publishing and then was fired by a fiend who flattered me to the heavens while stealing all my idea…

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