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Mean girls and sweet girls nothing changes

So I went to my elementary school reunion and it was amazing. I was able to talk to the friend of a friend who was run over when we were in eighth grade, Amy sat next to me in Home Ec and was incredibly sweet. She used to help separate me from the dress I was making and invariably stitched to myself. I was a terrible sewer. the dress basically dissolved on my body during the fashion show. Amy was killed and her desk stayed empty for the rest of the year. I didn't talk about it. She was a new friend and anyway, my parents were busy. But this woman at my reunion had been there when the accident happened and she had been a close friend and attended the funeral. It was very healing to speak to her.

Another woman, she of the tight pants and the heavily applied makeup, was also there and just like in elementary school was in a clique-I mean who has a clique when they are sixty but sure enough she had that same crabby expression and I steered clear of her. maybe she had changed but it d…

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